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Our Activities:

1) CLASSICAL TAX ADVISING on all kinds of taxes

Full legal responsibility for our service.

2) ACTING ON YOUR BEHALF at tax authorities.

3) TAX RETURNS PROCESSING in regular deadline or with a postponement until end of June.

We offer Full Legal Responsibility or limited one by your wish.

4) Our main specialization: Solution of Tax Misfortunes

Have you got into a tight corner (fallen into trouble) through some mistakes of your own, via errors of your accountant or of your business partners? Will you be or have you already been penalized by the tax officers? Are you sure that you are right, but just did not succeed in explain the truth to the tax auditors?
Not only can tax payers be mistaken, but, unexpectedly often, tax auditors, too! Let us, the specialists, fight for you! Our task is to minimize the consequence! We are usually able and almost always to reduce the amount of the fines imposed!

Important advice:

5) ACTING ON YOUR BEHALF at Administrative Court in legal action against decisions of the Tax Authorities.

Tax advisers are entitled to compile legal actions and to declare them from the year 2003. Our advantage over lawyers is a close knowledge of the case and better knowledge of preciously cases in the taxation and accounting areas.


We can guide the hand of your bookkeeper methodically and thus prevent tax mistakes. In our contracts regarding regular supervision we take a defined portion of the responsibility and this way we are able to improve your procedures in order to optimize of your tax duties.